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We provide smart solutions that help you take care of business.

About BSD

Why Office Depot?

Office Depot Online

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With over $4.9 billion in e-Business sales during 2007, Office Depot is one of the largest online retailers in the world.

We believe that we offer our customers the best choice of electronic trading solutions available, with different purchasing options according to your needs. Whether you choose to use our feature packed website, Office Depot Online, or integrate your e-Procurement system directly.

We have a dedicated team ready to help. Office Depot can help to make your business more efficient and cost effective: something we do for thousands of customers everyday. Our solutions are simple to use and will allow you to streamline your processes, saving you time and money whilst allowing you to remain in control.

As an Office Depot Online customer you’ll benefit from a wide range of easy to use functions:

  • Intelligent Search Facilities - an incredibly easy way to locate the correct product every time.
  • Bulletin Board - an effective online communication tool to reach all end users with important information.
  • User set-up and Management - Office Depot Online is a self service solution putting our customers in the driving seat.
  • Controls - tailored approval processes and budgeting are available to help you to manage your business
  • Multiple Shopping lists - list all your favourite items in one place to create your orders list


Our e-procurement solution adapts technology to suit business needs:

  • Ensures that eProcurement works for you – placing orders with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.
  • Tailored approach – we tailor solutions to suit your business requirements.
  • eContent – We manage all our eContent inhouse and can provide punchout or hosted catalogues in the format you require.
  • Help & Advise – we offer help and advise on best practices.
  • Project Manage – our experienced team of eBusiness Services Managers will manage your Third Party eProcurement implementation.

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